Under New Ownership

Roger Lui

Roger Lui

Dear NewtonMathTutors Parents,

I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Roger Lui. As new owner of NewtonMathTutors.com, I’d like to welcome you to our Math Resource site for Boston-Area parents.

I have over 27 years of experience in the field of education, both as a tutor, teacher and as a curriculum leader, with a strong emphasis in mathematics. I have worked with a wide range of grade levels, from elementary school to high school. I received a BA in Mathematics from Harvard University and a Masters in Education from the University of California at Berkeley, with a double major in elementary education and secondary mathematics education.

As a high school teacher, I have also coached debate and creative writing, and I have led literature discussion workshops. In my many years as a tutor, homeroom teacher and advisor, I have gained experience in coaching students to develop effective study skills and analytical strategies.

I love tutoring because it gives me an opportunity to design an individualized program and approach to meet each child’s unique learning style, strenghts and weaknesses. My emphasis is on detailed diagnosis to identify any learning gaps or weaknesses in prior knowledge, on boosting foundational understanding of concepts and on fostering a student’s self-confidence and ability to learn.

I have lived in the Boston area for thirty years and understand the specific challenges of the Massachusetts math curriculum. I hope you will continue to benefit from NewtonMathTutors.com and introduce your friends to the wealth of resources available here.

–Roger Lui