ISEE Exam – What is it?

ISEE stands for : Independent School Entrance Exam. It is designed to test a student’s learning ability and also to knowledge in the subject area. Many private schools seeking to screen prospective students use the ISEE.

The test is held every 6 months and lasts for 3 hours. The questions are multiple-choice except for the written essay section. This essay-writing section, however, does not affect the final score as it is not graded but just passed on to the prospective school.

There are three different levels of ISEE exams for different grade levels:
• The Lower Level ISEE, for admission into grade 5 or grade 6,
• The Middle Level ISEE, for admission into grade 7 or grade 8 and
• The Upper Level ISEE for admission into grades 9 through 12.

The ISEE exam comprises different sections. Here’s the breakdown of the Upper Level ISEE::
• Verbal Reasoning (20 minutes, 40 questions)
• Math (40 minutes, 40 questions)
• Quantitative Reasoning (35 minutes, 35 questions)
• Reading and Comprehension (40 minutes, 40 questions)
• Essay Writing (30 minutes)

The ISEE exam scores are sent a few weeks after to both the school and parents.

Where to take the ISEE exam? It is usually held in the desired school of choice and so information about fees and date can be obtained from the school. Each school sets its own minimum score requirement.

Test Preparation, Study tips and Strategy. Most test prep counselors agree that the ISEE is a General Aptitude test which tests your ability to learn rather than what you know.

Knowing this, you can learn and develop your study strategy.

First, master the test material topics. In Math for example, make sure you’ve taken care of skills gaps.

After that, you need to learn how to answer the different types of questions that you will encounter on the test. The exam questions have a pattern to them, and by learning to recognize the different twists, you can become adept at them.

Reading Comprehension Questions. Tips, practice questions and strategies for answering reading ISEE comprehension questions.

Mathematics Questions. Learn how to break math questions down into small parts and solve each part individually.

Essay Questions. Tips and strategies for answering Essay Questions.

Aptitude Tests. This exam tests your ability to learn, not what you already know.

Click here for complete ISEE Test Guide by the ISEE administrators

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