Math teaches you to think

It’s back-to-school time. Teachers now have websites where they post their curriculum, homework assignments, and their intended-to-inspire thoughts about the subject.  I’ve browsed a number of Math teachers websites and found some good ones:

Math teaches you how to think. The thinking that must go on when you do math helps in all your other subjects.  When you are “doing math” you are practicing thinking.  Math is weightlifting for the brain.  Yes it can be dreary and repetitious.  At times, it can be incredibly frustrating.  But the struggles you’ll experience as you work your way through the math textbook serve to strengthen your mind.  There no greater discipline, no better way to train your brain.”
What’s the purpose of homework? It’s not punishment.  Homework is given so YOU can practice something you’ve started to learn in school.  When you can do something by YOURSELF, then you know that you’ve really learned it.  HW is given 4 to 5 nights per week and is due the next day.  If it is complete you get a check(100%), if its incomplete(more than half done) you get a check minus(70%) and if you didn’t do it (less than half done) it’s a zero.  Hw can be handed in the next day for a check minus(70%). ~ Mr. Leonard Monsoon, Day Middle School, Newton, MA
“Math is Magical” ~ Sarah Nitsche, Day Middle, Newton, MA
TRY, always make an attempt, no matter how hard it is” ~ Mr. St. Claire, Day Middle, Newton MA.
How would you inspire a young person on the importance and relevance of math?

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